Our company is aiming to get the first place  in market share, customer satisfaction, and uniqueness in order to become the world’s leading traveler mobility platform.


We have encountered new cultures and values that have enriched their lives while traveling.

We are committed to create the mobility experience and provide services and products that enable travelers from all over the world to enjoy sightseeing with high levels of safety and security in the present day, where technology is evolving and being socially implemented.

To achieve this goal, we will pursue the possibilities of mobility experiences through technology and take on global challenges. Moreover, the effects of tourism are not limited to the revitalization of the region, but also it includes the fostering of culture.

We will contribute to the sustainable development of local communities by playing a role in solving the problems of human society in the 21st century.


1. Achieve Together

We respect for diversity, and our members, both domestic and international, work together to realize our mission.

2. Be honest

We will continue to be sincere to our employees, business partners, shareholders and the rest

3. Take a broader perspective

Don’t be satisfied with small, short-term success, We will work on our business with a big-picture perspective to achieve long-term mission.

4. Challenge

Constantly have a spirit of challenge and take on global challenges.

Company Profile

Company name : SmartRyde, Inc.
Adress: Higashishimbashi Bldg, 2-10-10, Higashishimbashi, Minato-ku, 105-0021 Japan
Labo:12-5, Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 730-0011 Japan
Representative director :Sota Kimura
Number of Employees : 12(Including outsourcing)
Founded Date: 27, March, 2017
Capital:JPY 98,092,040
Business Area:Operation airport transfer booking service
Major Banks: SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION Kyobashi Branch/RISONA BANK Akihabara banks/MIZUHO BANK, LTD. Shibuya banks
Registration and license tax:Registered travel agency (Type 3)
Principal stockholder:Angel Bridge/Vision Inc.

Meet The Team

Sota Kimura


Mikio Asakawa


Tatsuya Ikeda


Toshihira Mizutani

Head of Operation

Ryoji Tamura

Head of System Development

Alejandro Avila

Head of Business Development

Kazunobu Nagasumi

Corporate Manager

Shunsuke Kishi

OTA/TTA Manager

Manuel Moran

Business Development manager in America

Aido Delos Santos

Business Development Manager for APAC

Judith Chikuhwa

Business Development Manager for Arab & Africa

Pranali Malode

Business Development manager in Europe


Accounting and Operation manager

HOUN Savon

Supplier team sub manager

Thipthanya Khiewyoo

Thai Bangkok office Sub manager

Kim Sereysokha

Online travel agent team sub manager


Customer success team sub manager

Leav Chansopheak

English operations team sub manager

Sok Chhaileang

Japanese Operations Team Sub Manager

Ravoeun Rawinne

Activity team sub manager

Kim Sitha

Hotel sub manager